Interview Preparation

Once you are requested for interview we will ascertain the format of the interview from the client and then take the time with you to ensure you are fully prepared for what is to come.

Candidate SERVICES

Vacancy / Industry Matching

We will take the information provided at your initial registration interview and match you to vacancies and companies that meet your requirements not ours.

Job / Industry Profiling

With our industry and job profiling knowledge and experience we can advise you on the next step on your career path giving advice and guidance on the, industries, roles and companies you are applying for.

Whether you are an experienced and highly qualified practitioner or an entry level professional starting your career, at Maplefield we can advise and support your job search with a variety of services ensuring you not only apply for the best jobs out there but also stand a real chance of securing those roles.

We have taken feedback from a large number of candidates over the years and the common response is that consultants don't seem to listen to their requirements and seem to contact them about roles that are either not suitable or they have no chance of securing. At Maplefield we won't waste your time or ours contacting you about vacancies that are either not a match technically or geographically. Instead, we take time to interview you fully to find out your drivers and reasons for leaving your current role and looking for a new one. We then take that information and match you to roles with like minded organisations to ensure you are not just a fit technically but personally aswell.

At Maplefield we will manage the recruitment process for you from initial contact through to offer (free of charge) and are able to provide a range of helpful recruitment tools that will enable you to secure your dream role.

Below are some of the solutions we are able to offer to support you in your job search however please call us to discuss your requirements and our vacancies in more detail 0208 213 3099

Registration Interview

We will take the time to interview you fully (ideally in person) to find out your reasons and drivers for leaving your old job and finding a new one to make sure we provide you with the best roles that match your skills, experience and requirements.

Offer Management

We will support and manage your application right through to offer stage and beyond. We will negotiate all offers with the client to ensure the package and working conditions are right before starting your new role.

CV Review
We can and will advise on the only real selling document at your disposal, "your CV" ensuring it matches the requirements of the role and is presented in a clear concise way highlighting your qualifications, skills and experience.



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